Milwaukee Property Owners

Why Choose Porch Light

Better Management
How do we manage real estate? As if we own it. That means we watch spending, provide fair quality housing, and treat people with respect. What makes us better?

We use common sense
Property management firms should not only have experience successfully managing real estate, but the expertise to handle a variety of situations to protect the owner and their investment. Situations require common sense approaches. There’s not a one-size- fits-all solution. And with over 40 years combined property management experience, some may think we’ve seen it all, but we’re always on our toes.

Knowledge AND compliance with landlord/tenant law
Don’t be surprised, but many property management firms don’t know, therefore, don’t comply with the laws governing landlord/tenant relationships. Not knowing the laws puts owners and their investment at risk. We are in constant contact with the better real estate attorneys in Milwaukee and Wisconsin keeping up to date on the ever-changing world of property management.

Simple fee structure
What does the management fee actually cover? You should know, without a doubt, exactly what you’re paying for and why. Be suspect of fee structures that are complicated, tiered, or not disclosed upfront. Our structure is simple.

Beyond your expectations
Yes, we do everything you would expect from a property management company from marketing your property, to showings, screenings, leasing, taking tenant calls, and finance reporting. So what makes us any better?

Semi-Annual look sees
Just like you would, we check up on your property at least every 6 months looking for illegal activity, compliance with rental terms, and the condition of your property. We’ll let you know of any issues.

Annual observations
Each year, we’ll get inside your building and again check for illegal activity, compliance with rental terms, and the condition of your property. We’re not building inspectors but you can tell a lot about what’s going on in your building just by walking in. We’ll even do a courtesy check of smoke detectors, furnace filters, and water leaks.

Cooperative Neighbor Communication
We develop a relationship with the neighbors so they know the property is in good hands. They call us at the first sign of trouble or suspicious activity.

Better Tenants
We offer the industry’s only Quality Tenant Guarantee. Only from Porch Light Property Management.

Most property management firms charge a rental fee each time a unit is rented. Poor rental and screening practices cost owners money, but is a money maker for property management firms. You shouldn’t have to pay for a firm’s poor screening practices. We pride ourselves on our thorough screening process and common-sense approach. That’s why we guarantee that our tenants will stay for at least 6 months. And if they don’t, for whatever the reason, we’ll re-rent your unit at no cost to you.

Better Living
You didn’t buy rental properties to become a landlord. You bought it as an investment…maybe to help fund your children’s education, have a more comfortable retirement, or maybe retire early. Call us crazy, but we love what we do. We love offering great places for people to live. We love seeing you succeed. And because we’re a small local business too, we’re trying to build a legacy for our children. Hire us and spend time doing the things you love to do.

Better property management is just a phone call or email away. Call 414-678-1088 or email